Edvard Egilsson is a composer of music for film, television and other types of media. 

Reykjavík / Los Angeles

"From piano to percussion to airy synthesizer chords, the lightly spoken tracks are, in my opinion, understated masterpieces." -The Dankles

Edvard Egilsson is a composer of music for film, television, and other types of media. Hailing from Reykjavik, Iceland, Edvard studied piano and percussion, fine tuning his skill and his love for music from an early age. His main musical focus is a combination of neoclassical music and analog synthesis, with a foundation in classical composition. Edvard is also a founding and current member of the music group Steed Lord, in which he is the music producer. Formed in 2006, Edvard and Steed Lord have performed all over the world, sharing the stage with many well-known artists.

Edvard is driven by his passion for music production and composition. With his electronic influence deeply rooted in synthesizers and sound manipulation, Edvard is able to create complex musical narratives that are rife with melancholic emotion by using a variety of rhythmic cadences – from soft-forming musical waves to hard-knocking beats. Through his clear and unfettered vision, Edvard produces precise musical scores that are progressive, relevant, and exceptional.

Edvard currently resides in Los Angeles, California.